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Blending System

Source: Beijing VP Co.,Ltd.

    VP blending system, this type of equipment can automatically mix and blend raw materials into finished products according to the set formula.

    This type of equipment is divided into the following categories:

    Automatic batch blending system ABB

    Through the way of weighing to achieve automatic small batch blending.Through automatic metering control and component proportion, blending qualified finished products.

    Automatic batch blending system ABB

    This type is especially suitable for small batch, multi - variety complex formula management.

    Simultaneous Metering Blending SMB

    SMB(Simultaneous Metering Blending) is a system coupled with a sequential control and mode of operation. The advantage of the SMB is sequential control with flexibility and free of contamination.

    SMB is designed to simultaneously measure liquids with a flow meter in correct ratio through a header. The system applies a product feed piping network, optionally separated by family groups. The SMB does not require a kettle as with ABB design. Instead the header(s) direct the output to storage tanks, usually dedicated for a specific blender. All tanks must be equipped with mixers to blend the product into a homogenous state once all the components have been charged into the tank.

    Simultaneous Metering Blending SMB

    This product is suitable for blending large quantities of high efficiency oil products.