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Drum Decanting Unit

Source: Beijing VP Co.,Ltd.
    Overall weight about 2550 kg
    Standard barrel capacity 200L barrel/ton box
    Empty bucket residual amount less than 0.5kg after washing the bucket
    Unloading speed 6m3/h
    Full automatic batch speed less than 6 min/BBL
    System pressure 16bar
    Temperature range 40℃~130℃
    Optimum viscosity range ~2,000 cps
    Extraction gun the liquid level can be tracked automatically
    Control system it can operate the display screen in the zone and communicate with the upper computer
    Field display real-time display of weight of tank with additives and cleaning, alarm indicator, emergency stop button
    Cleaning oil tank with heat insulation tracing

    VP DDU is an automatic extraction system for additives, the equipment has the functions of quantitative extraction of additives in drums, cleaning empty drums, circulating cleaning of the extraction rod, tilting the weighing table, and tracking the liquid level of the extraction gun. After pumping to the bottom of the drums, the additive weighing table can tilt automatically to completely empty the media in the drums.

    This system has the best effect of high viscosity extraction. The system is controlled by PLC system, and the extraction can be completed automatically.