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Pigging System

Source: Beijing VP Co.,Ltd.

VP pigging system is a technology of removing the liquid in the pipe through pigging. The PIG launcher and receiver are located at the both ends of the pipe, installed with a valve that controls the compressed-gas for receiving and sending of the PIG. The PIG can be put in or taken out by installing a catcher.

Hygienic Pigging System use sanitary grade materials on contact surfaces.


>High finishing pipe Pigging system : size 1.5” ~8”.

Includes launcher and receiver(ASHLDV/ASRLDV),  intermediate stations (ASILDV),  three way reversing station(3W), PIG(Split type), PIG catcher.

>Standard PIG catcher size: 8” and above.

Includes PIG catcher, three way receiver,valve and PIG.