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Lobe Pump

Source: Beijing VP Co.,Ltd.
    Port size 1.5”-8”
    Capacity 0.01~238 m3/h
    Pressure 0.1~31 Bar
    Temperature -20~90℃
    Viscosity 0.1~1,000,000 cSt
    Material WCB、304SS、316SS、316L、D.I
    Port Type DIN/ ASME、SMS

    Exquisite design and advanced quality control, VP lobe pump has strong reliability and applicability. Rotor without dead angle is infrequent to be stuck, suitable for all kinds of corrosive material. All kinds of seal types are interchangeable.

    Anti-shearing , Large liquid cavity ,smooth transport, can be clean-in-place, easy to maintenance. VP lobe pump is suitable for food and beverage and pharmaceutical industry. The mechanical seal can be removed from the front; the ports can be installed vertically or horizontally.

    Applicable to: dairy products, non-staple food processing, condiments, cosmetics, automotive paint, ink and other industrial applications.